Expert Witness

Major advances in technology have revolutionized the way that experts can now validate the merits of a case, determine liability, support a particular legal position, or perform challenge studies.

Data Science and statistical modelling offer huge new opportunities where an expert witness may be engaged in order to build your case.  Quantitative analysis can now be used for statistical-based decision making, whether it relates to commercial litigation, anti-trust and intellectual property, personal injury, product liability, investments, financial auditing and more.  

This unique opportunity spans virtually all industries- energy, environmental, medical, financial, travel, insurance, genetics, telecom, IT, governmental, the list goes on!

Our firm has a very unique skill set that can help your firm to succeed in litigation.  As an expert witness, we have experience with both quantitative and qualitative analysis and reporting as well as a deep background in finance, healthcare, medical products and software, telecom and airlines. 

Our expertise can bring to the courtroom evidence based on statistical analysis, statistical graphics, and testimony that can help you to win your case and/or help mitigate damages.   Let’s build a powerful team together that can help you and your firm succeed!

Our Summary of Qualifications

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