Data Science

As Big Data continues to grow across a wide variety of industries, Data Science has evolved as a key interpretive instrument to learn, discover and innovate.  Data Science uses associative thinking and mathematical and scientific methods including algorithms to explore Big Data to create meaningful results that exhibit predictable and reproducible behaviors.

The data revolution has created a new opportunity to draw upon statistics and Machine Learning in clever new ways that allow for better answers.  Framing questions statistically allows organizations to extract strategic knowledge that can enhance performance for industries, educational institutions, social media venues, government and commerce.

Data Science requires effective collaboration between several key professional communities as follows:

1.​  Database Management for the organization of data and resources

2.  Statistics and Machine Learning to convert data into meaningful information

3.  Distributed and Parallel Systems to provide the necessary infrastructure for data analysis


In addition, a communications component is required to interpret the data and present it in a meaningful way.

The potential applications for Data Science continue to emerge exponentially.   Some current day examples of Data Science employment include:

LinkedIn- to generate ideas for products, features, and value-added services

Intuit- to develop insights for small-businesses and consumers for social design and marketing.

General Electric- to optimize service contracts and maintenance schedules for industrial products

Google- to refine core search results and promotional ad algorithms

Zynga- to optimize the game experience for revenue and promote long-term customer engagement

Netflix- to improve the company’s movie recommendation system

Kaplan- to uncover effective learning strategies


And the list goes on.


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