About us

David Guy, PhD, MSc, MA, BA (honors)

Dr. Guy is a professional statistician with 20+ years of experience in statistical analysis and modeling of financial, marketing, medical and process control data.


Dr. Guy graduated from top Canadian and US universities:  McGill University; Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario; University of Texas, Austin; and University of California, Riverside.  He has training in a diverse spectrum of quantitative analysis including econometrics, operations research, mathematics, and statistics.  He has worked in the financial industry doing forecasting, volatility analysis, derivatives, optimization and risk control.


Following his career in quantitative finance, Dr. Guy turned to private consulting where he expanded his interest in applied quantitative analysis through work in marketing, medical product analysis and statistical process control.


R Machine Learning & Statistical Consulting has evolved as a result of several years of consulting for various organizations covering diverse inquiries in the context of applied statistics.


Over the past 30 years, significant changes have taken place in the realm of statistical modeling approaches and the associated statistical computing paradigms.  These dynamics have been followed and captured via dedicated specialization in the R Project for Statistical Computing.  While recognizing the strengths of the R Project, we also complement the application of R code with other statistical query packages, databases and computing languages to meet client objectives.

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